CONCHELLA - 1 year of CONCH with bands, booze and buds




We hope you enjoyed Friday half as much as we did. No more. No less.

The weather was beautiful, the beer was delightful and the music flowed like boisterous interstellar punk fuelled singalong Kraut-pop madness. A redifusion television, a floral dress and projected fail videos were some of the co-stars to our first venture in to the quivering world of live music.

First up were GENDER ROLES. The Brighton 3 piece mounted the stage with a confidence that would never leave you to guess this was only their second live performance. They are a slick, well rehearsed unit, with catchy hooks and some great pedal work from lead singer Tom. Jared slays his bass with the efficiency of a well trained assassin, and seagull eyed fans of Brighton grunge behemoths Brain Queen may have spotted a familiar jolly green face gurning behind the kit, who can usually be seen fronting the aforementioned act. Speaking of gender roles, we're certainly glad these boys decided to leave the kitchen and take to the stage were they belong. A great addition to the Brighton scene, go and catch them live as soon as you dare.

TEAM PICTURE were next up, travelling down from leeds to entertain us on what turned out to be one of the hottest days I care to remember. They brought such a refined performance of grumbling bass, swooning vocals, throbbing pulsar tones and a salad of melodies that delighted and enthralled us one and all.

TP managed to intimidate and terrify anyone and everyone who came within ear/eyeshot after a thoroughly morbid set which included club bangers: "Teef", "Potpourri Headache" and "Phantom Limb". 

The 5 strong band were arranged in front of a projected film of stock footage of 80's Berlin, and a small TV that featured equalised graphics. Married with Team Picture's catchy and momentum filled tunes, which were executed perfectly, the show was a treat for all the senses (if you only have 2) Go and check out some recordings

For years we have adored DINGUS KHAN. Anthemic epics, unbeatable stage presence, dresses, bodily functions, love, dancing and a smile that is impossible to remove from your face when these 6 absolute heart throbs boulder on the the stage.

2 drumkits, 2 basses, a uke, a guitar and 6 mics. Thats all we need to have a good time. Because the unrivalled singalong mayhem that ensues when these maniacs get together is enough to send spectators into apoplectic fits of hysterical ecstasy. Haha. 

Though it may have been many people's first experience of Dingus, the singalongs were still a jubilant triumph. It's almost as if the songs are in the collective human consciousness, like an instinctive chemical memory that we have hanging over from our caveman days. Looking at Dingus Khan (and trying to communicate with them) I think I may be close to the truth. One thing we are certain of though, is the absolute natural high we enjoy every time this rabble of misfits graces us with their bullshit.

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