100% Cotton

This one goes out to all the die-hard Diggit fans who have waited 17 long years with one question on their dribbling lips "When will we see Fearne Cotton back on her feet?" Des is over in sunny Hollywood reaping in the cash, awards and respect. And even Jasper the dog has been spotted schmoozing with some of the greats: Dean Gaffney, Cheggars, Christopher Biggins. And yet the talented Fearne has seen hide nor hair of her much deserved spotlight since the show ended all those years ago.

The time of waiting may be soon be over. For an exciting rumour seeped from the shadows, as well awaited as the first rays of summer after a long bleak winter.


After close inspection, we can confirm those rumours. The video appears to feature the beautiful rising star in fine assed garm' 'Palm Springs' from our SS16 range. Dig the video...


Things are looking up for dear Fearne now, with rumours that ITV has hand selected her for a part in Bo Selecta's new show. We can only wish the best of luck to young Fearne. There's no need to thank us, just save some of that nice green moon money for us.

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