All jobs are different, so we quote individually. Get in touch for a quote by emailing Minimum order 10 pcs.


Some orders come through fairly often, so we have a good idea what they cost. Below are some of the deals we have for these jobs.


Gildan Softstyle or Heavy Tees


 20  x 1 Colour Print     £115

 50  x 1 Colour Print     £190

100 x 1 Colour Print     £360

 50  x 2 Colour Print     £220

100 x 2 Colour Print     £400

 50  x 1 Colour Tote     £150

100 x 1 Colour Tote     £220


Check out our supplier's online catalogue. Many styles, brands and colours available.

Check out our supplier for ethical and organic garments. Many styles and colours available.

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