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About us

Conch is an independent Printing and Merchandise company based in Brighton & Hove. Formed in 2015 through a shared love of music and the culture surrounding it, Conch has already established itself in the local and national music scene, printing merch for bands, record labels, clothing brands and countless other creative ventures. With over 20 years of shared experience in the Brighton creative scene, Conch are the trusted choice for many in bringing their custom designs to life.

At Conch we specialise in screen printing with water based inks. Screen printing is one of the most efficient and cost effective ways to print, and the water based inks we use limit our environmental impact, as well as producing a soft, quality print.

Josh - Screen Wrangler
Josh is Conch's print guru, if you want to print something on another thing - he's either already done it or he'll find a way. Josh splits his free time between scouring online printing forums and playing bass in Brighton crybabies Big Slammu.
Jordan - Big Mouth
With an academia rooted in engineering and over 5 years in technical marketing, Jordan left the corporate world to grow a sustainable and valued business with his friends. Find Jordan drumming in Brighton band Gender Roles as well as DJing and producing music under his 'Jimmy Potts' moniker.
John - Designer/Rip-off Merchant
John sings in Big Slammu, where he is known for his perfectly auto-tuned guttural braying. When he's not not practicing, or nailing some sweet ollivers down at the local skateboarding concern, he's whipping up some killer T-Shirt designs for our store.